God Has An Awakening Via Twitter
God bless Christopher Hitchens.
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Patton Oswalt on the insanity of faith
If you like torture porn - check out the old testament.
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It's for real
Remember. It's not a lie if YOU believe it.
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Scientist vs. Intelligent Design debate

Moderator: We're here today to debate the hot new topic, evolution versus Intelligent Des---

(Scientist pulls out baseball bat.)

Moderator: Hey, what are you doing?

(Scientist breaks Intelligent Design advocate's kneecap.)


Scientist: Perhaps it only appears that I broke your kneecap. Certainly, all the evidence points to the hypothesis I broke your kneecap. For example, your kneecap is broken; it appears to be a fresh wound; and I am holding a baseball bat, which is spattered with your blood. However, a mere preponderance of evidence doesn't mean anything. Perhaps your kneecap was designed that way. Certainly, there are some features of the current situation that are inexplicable according to the "naturalistic" explanation you have just advanced, such as the exact contours of the excruciating pain that you are experiencing right now.

Intelligent Design advocate: AAAAH! THE PAIN!

Scientist: Frankly, I personally find it completely implausible that the random actions of a scientist such as myself could cause pain of this particular kind. I have no precise explanation for why I find this hypothesis implausible --- it just is. Your knee must have been designed that way!

Intelligent Design advocate: YOU BASTARD! YOU KNOW YOU DID IT!

Scientist: I surely do not. How can we know anything for certain? Frankly, I think we should expose people to all points of view. Furthermore, you should really re-examine whether your hypothesis is scientific at all: the breaking of your kneecap happened in the past, so we can't rewind and run it over again, like a laboratory experiment. Even if we could, it wouldn't prove that I broke your kneecap the previous time. Plus, let's not even get into the fact that the entire universe might have just popped into existence right before I said this sentence, with all the evidence of my alleged kneecap-breaking already pre-formed.

Intelligent Design advocate: That's a load of bullshit sophistry! Get me a doctor and a lawyer, not necessarily in that order, and we'll see how that plays in court!

Scientist (turning to audience): And so we see, ladies and gentlemen, when push comes to shove, advocates of Intelligent Design do not actually believe any of the arguments that they profess to believe. When it comes to matters that hit home, they prefer evidence, the scientific method, testable hypotheses, and naturalistic explanations. In fact, they strongly privilege naturalistic explanations over supernatural hocus-pocus or metaphysical wankery. It is only within the reality-distortion field of their ideological crusade that they give credence to the flimsy, ridiculous arguments which we so commonly see on display. I must confess, it kind of felt good, for once, to be the one spouting free-form bullshit; it's so terribly easy and relaxing, compared to marshaling rigorous arguments backed up by empirical evidence. But I fear that if I were to continue, then it would be habit-forming, and bad for my soul. Therefore, I bid you adieu.
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Say a little prayer for me
Hvem siger at man ikke kan redde verden hjemme fra sin sofa?
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The Story of Suzie
Her er historien om Suzie der beder til gud hver dag, og ser alle hans "gode" gerninger alle steder.
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Atheists... What if you're wrong?
Ja hvad nu hvis...
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Piers Morgan vs. Penn Jillette on Atheism
Penn Jillette, fra Penn and Teller, er kendt for sin skeptiske holdning til religion. Her er han inviteret ind til en snak med Piers Morgan, bl.a. kendt som dommer i Britain's Got Talent.

Penn Jillette har udgivet en bog kaldet "God, No!", og de diskuterer i den forbindelse tro og religion. Penn får slynget nogle meget gode argumenter over bordet, hvilket Piers ikke rigtigt kan komme tilbage på, og derfor skifter emne konstant.
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Gud foretrækker ateister
Fordi vi ikke be'r om noget.
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The Best Argument for Atheism
Som Richard Dawkins så rigtigt siger:
"We are all atheists about most of the gods that societies have ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further."
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